1500W portable solar power station

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Key Specifications/Special Features:
Model: HPK-1000A1-C
Built-in inverter: DC operating Voltage range: DC 10.5V-15V
Boot-load current (DC 12V): ≤0.8A
Output voltage: 100V AC±5%
Output frequency: 60Hz±5%
Output waveform: pure sine wave
Conversion efficiency: ≥85%
Rated output power: 1000W
Peak power (<10ms): 2000W
Allow overload (<60s): 1050W-1250W
Under-voltage reminder: DC 10.8V-11.5V
Under voltage protection: DC 10V-11V
Overload protection load: ≥1100W
Built-in AC charging, AC charging mode, A three-stage charging
(constant current, constant voltage, floating)
AC charging input voltage: AC 100V-240V
Max charging current: 15A
Max charging voltage: 15V
Mains charging protection: shutdown after the short circuit, over-current and full battery
Built-in solar charging input voltage: 12V-40V
Allow max access panels power: 250W
Max charging current: 15A
Max charging voltage: 15V
Protect function: shutdown after the over-voltage, reverse polarity and full battery
Multi-panel parameters: an enable terminal DC charging max 40V DC/15A   
An enable terminal DC discharge: DC 12V/20A
General USB output: DC 5V/1A (double output block)
Tablet PC dedicated USB output: DC 5V/2.1A (double output block)
Cigarette lighter output port: DC 12V/120W
AC output: AC 100V±5%
AC input: AC 100V-240V
The power switch inverter output, USB output under the power switch control
Work instructions LED lights indicate the inverter and USB output state
Built-in battery parameters
(25C) battery type: LiFePO4
Standard rated voltage: 12.8V
Standard rated capacity: 50Ah
Optimal charging voltage: 14.6V
Optimal charging current: 15A

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